DREAMCARS Deposit is an insurance amount to compensate for losses in unforeseen cases of operation of the rented car, which are not covered by insurance included in the rental price.

Violation of traffic regulation

  • Exceeding the speed limit;
  • Accident caused by the tenant;
  • Parking fines;
  • Other traffic violations in accordance with the legislation in force in the territory of the host country;
Amount: In accordance with the amount of the fine specified in the police report + Bank Commission

Violation of the rules of lease

Exceeding the permitted daily mileage
Amount: $7/ 1 km
Delay before the specified time of return the car (from 2 hours and more with rounding up to the whole day)
Amount: The amount of the daily cost of rented car
Granting the right to drive a rented car to a person not included in the rental Agreement or deprived of a driver’s license
Amount: $2,740 + redemption of the rented car from the Parking
Driving or granting the right to drive a rented car to a person under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
Amount: $2,740 + redemption of the rented car from the Parking
Incomplete fuel tank of rented car
Amount: $55

Damage or loss of additional Equipment

Baby seat
Amount: $220
Amount: $275

Car damage not covered by the insurance included in the rental price

Puncture or other damage wheels
Amount: Depending on the car category
Significant contamination of the interior (except for the natural accumulation of dust): stains from drinks, food, cigarettes or physiological secretions
Amount: $275 dry cleaning interior
Scratches and chips on paintwork and / or windscreen
Amount: Depending on the car category

The Deposit will be returned to the payers Bank card in full or subject to the deduction of fines within 21-30 days (depending on the issuing Bank of the credit card) from the date of completion of the lease.

All recorded facts that are the basis for the imposition of fines in accordance with the above rules will be displayed in detail in the personal account and the rental Card with all relevant documentary evidence and comments.

DREAMCARS protects the interests of ITS customers and confirms the guarantee that the imposition of fines and retention of deposits is impossible without providing documentary evidence of such grounds (police reports, photos of damage, etc.).